Nosson Chayim Leff z"l

נתן חיים בן אריה זכרונו לברכה

Dr. Nathaniel H. Leff, of blessed memory

אזכרה (Memorial Service) for Dr. Leff, ז״ל

Memorial Service (אזכרה) for Dr. Leff

The family held an אזכרה and siyum on Shas Mishnayos to mark the end of the Shloshim (30-day) mourning period for Dr. Nosson Chayim Leff z”l took place on February 7th, ג׳ אדר א׳ at Khal Tiferes Boruch (Rabbi Weinberger’s shul), where Dr. Leff used to daven in Passaic, New Jersey. The speeches were recorded.

Charity (צדקה) in Dr. Leff's Memory

We would like to recommend that people who wish to give charity in Dr. Leff's name donate to their local Bikur Cholim or any other organization that helps the handicapped.


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Thank you to the Passaic/Clifton Community

Dr.. Judith Leff, wife of Dr. Nosson Chaim Leff

Twenty-two years ago, we moved to Passaic, New Jersey to be near our daughter and son-in- law, Chana and Dovid Laks. At that time, my husband’s Parkinson’s disease was already quite advanced. We were very concerned that my husband would be completely isolated in a new community, among people who had not known him in his prime.

Our experience, once we moved here, was beyond our wildest dreams. The Passaic community embraced him with all their heart and tried to help him in every aspect of his daily life.

This included:

  • Organizing a rotation so that my husband could go to shul every day.
  • Taking him to ball games
  • Sitting by him in shul to help with his Talis and his siddur.
  • Computer assistance; he had so many difficulties with his computer
  • Inviting him to those wonderful Purim seudos where he could relive our Purim at home
  • Arranging for Rosh Chodesh minyanim in our house when he could no longer attend shul
  • Blowing shofar at our home
  • Driving him to Manhattan to the Hospital for Special Surgery
  • The many, many visitors
  • The, at least, seven chavrutot who came to our house every week.
  • The special attention given to my husband when he was in the emergency room in Hackensack.
  • The visitor who continued coming on Shabbos to the very end, even after my husband had become nearly totally unresponsive

On behalf of myself and my children, I would like to thank every person who helped my husband during the twenty two years he lived in Passaic. And I very much hope that my husband z”l will be a meilitz yosher (heavenly intercessor) for this extraordinary community.